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Norris Lake

Norris Lake is the boaters' dream lake. Norris Lake is perfect for a family get away with plenty of thrills and adventures for the whole family. Whether it is skiing, boating, fishing, or other reasons, Norris Lake has it all!

Whether you are a Skier, Fisherman, Sightseer, Golfer or Sunbather, Norris Lake has it all. Norris Lake was created by the construction of the Norris Dam in 1936. This hydroelectric project was the Tennessee Valley Authority's first. The lakes beautiful blue-green waters span more than 800 miles of shoreline covering 34,000 acres. Norris' boundaries extend up the Clinch and the Powell Rivers which feed Norris with clear, pristine waters. It's an ideal environment for sportsmen and vacationers alike.
  • Construction of Norris Dam began in 1933, just a few months after the creation of TVA, and was completed in 1936.      

  • The dam is 265 feet high and stretches 1,860 feet across the Clinch River.

  • Norris Dam is a hydroelectric facility. It has two generating units with a net dependable capacity of 110 megawatts. Net dependable capacity is the amount of power a dam can produce on an average day, minus the electricity used by the dam itself.

  • The town of Norris was built to house construction workers on the dam. It was a planned community that became a model for others throughout the nation. The town was sold to private owners in 1948.

  • Norris has 809 miles of shoreline and 33,840 acres of water surface. It is the largest reservoir on a tributary of the Tennessee River.

  • In a year with normal rainfall, the water level in Norris Reservoir varies about 29 feet from summer to winter to provide seasonal flood storage.

  • The reservoir has a flood-storage capacity of 1,113,000 acre-feet.

  • Find Norris Dam off Hwy. 441 at 30 Powerhouse Way, Norris, Tenn. 37828.

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